YOU can make YOUR Center a more exciting place!!!
 What activities do YOU want to do???
*See Beverly for a flyer you can bring to your church or
bowling league or other groups you belong to!
We wish all the persons having a birthday this month a
Very Happy Birthday!

Members may pick
 up a complete
 newsletter with the birthday list in it
at the center!
Remember - you can ask at the front desk and get your FREE birthday
Ice Cream Treat during the month of your birthday!
Our Center Update!!

LOTS going on every month at our center -
Come Join In!!!

Come and join us when you see we are doing a seminar -
you or a loved one may need this information today,
or in the future!
Please be courteous and be silent during the presentation
so that those folks who want to hear the information,
are able to. We have one space to share, please be polite.

Casino Trip - We will be doing casino trips on the
2nd Monday of every other month from March -Dec 2019.
$15 for Registered Seniors over 55 -
$20 for unregistered Seniors and folks UNDER 55.
If you want to continue having these casino trips, make sure you sign up TODAY!

Please Note:
If you, or friends or neighbors have a yard sale -
Please consider donating the unsold items to our Thrift Store!.
Mayor Proclamation May 2016 =Older Tennesseans Month CLICK HERE to VIEW Proclamation
Indoor Yard Sale - Every Friday
9am-1pm (Setup 8:30am) - Just show up and pay for your table that day!
$5 for 6 foot table - or same space if you have your own display rack
Calling All Vendors - Come and Sell Your Items too!
Currently we have Jewelry, Sports memorabilia, Clothing, house decor and home made items!