DO YOU SHOP AT KROGER? You can help our Center by calling 1-800-576-4377 TODAY!
Tell KROGER that you want to help the Gallatin Senior Citizen Center
by participating in the Community Rewards Program - Our Center's ID# is 31462.

Give your information (Name, Address etc) and the ID # on the back of your KROGER SHOPPER PLUS Card and set up your account!
Every time you shop, KROGER will donate a 1.5 % of what you spent to our Center!
This money comes from KROGER -- NOT out of your pocket!

All it takes for your to help our Center is one phone call to KROGER and then scan your KROGER PLUS card ever time you shop there !!
OR - you can sign up / or register online!

Anyone you know in the Sumner County area and other nearby areas can help our Center by doing this -- so PLEASE - tell all your friends and family about this program and ask them if they will help us too. The more folks that participate, the better the rewards for our Center!

See Lucille if you have any questions or need assistance to get registered THANK YOU!