DO YOU KNOW any musicians - bands - who would donate some time to play during the day for our center? Please give us their contact information or have them call the center.
What would you like to do at our center?
         We are always asking for suggestions on things you would come to our center to do?
Some ideas might be - a speaker talkin about __________OR I want to learn how to do________
maybe YOU wanna teach folks how to make a simple meal for lunch or dinner? a simple dessert?
How about a easy crafty thing that you make and you think others would like to learn this easy craft?
This is YOUR senior center and we need YOUR ideas ?
 What could we add to our schedule that YOU would definately attend this class or seminar or event ??
Plastic Shopping Bags for our THRIFT STORE - we sure could use them!!!!
And don't forget if you have items that you no longer need, please donate !!
Thank You In Advance